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SEASON PREMIERE set for MAY 6, plus... EVERY CLASSIC EPISODE will stream in the Gizmoplex for FREE!
6 months ago – Thu, Mar 24, 2022 at 09:32:34 PM

If you've been online this morning, you might have seen an article going around with some news that you – as our backers – already knew:

The official SEASON 13 PREMIERE is now set for MAY 6, 2022, and will be available exclusively in the Gizmoplex. 

We also unveiled the official MST3K SEASON 13 TRAILER, which you can watch right now on IGN, or starting tomorrow in the Gizmoplex. 

Of course, all of you reading this have been on this inside with us from the beginning (thank you!), so a lot of what’s included in the new announcement won’t come as a surprise.  

However, now that we're starting to share information with the public, we also wanted to update you directly about a few big developments.

How to Watch Season 13

If your Kickstarter rewards included a Gizmoplex Member Pass, you're already able to watch the "pre-release" cut of our first new episode (Santo in the Treasure of Dracula) as well as our first "Gizmoplex special event" (last week's MST3K: A Tribute to Manos livestream), so feel free to skip to the next announcement.

However, if you didn't get a Gizmoplex Member Pass yet – or your non-backer friends are wondering how they'll be able to see the new season of MST3K – you have a few options.

1. Get livestream tickets at the door for $10/event. If you don't want to commit to a full member pass, you can join any livestream event in the Gizmoplex for $10/ticket, which also includes access to rewatch the event for one week.

2. Rent each new episode for $8/week. If you don't care about seeing the live premieres, and just want to see the new season, you'll be able to rent each episode in the Gizmoplex starting one week after the livestream premiere.

Or, if you want to see all of the new episodes, shorts, and special events, you can get a better value by signing up for a GIZMOPLEX MEMBER PASS:

THE GIZMOPLEX SEASON PASS ($135)includes livestream tickets and rewatch access for all 27 planned Gizmoplex events  – including 13 new episode premieres and 14 special events – plus all event replays and new content until February 28, 2023! Since individual tickets to 27 events would cost $270, that's 50% off!

And if you aren't ready to commit to the whole year, but still want a better price, we'll also offer a series of short term passes:

THE GIZMOPLEX SUMMER PASS ($50)includes livestream tickets and rewatch access for our first 11 events – 7 new episode premieres + 4 special events – plus streaming access to all event replays and new content until July 31.

We'll also offer an AUTUMN PASS, covering August to October, and a WINTER PASS, covering November to February. If you get all three, the whole season will cost $150 – over 40% off the full ticket price!

And finally, to save you a little bit more, we've got one more special offer:

Grab a Season Pass before the SEASON PREMIERE on May 6, and you'll also get a DIGITAL DOWNLOAD of Season 13 – worth $85 – for free! 

But again, if you pledged for EXPERIMENT 85 or above during the Kickstarter, you already have a full Season Pass and the digital download of Season 13 for a way lower price.

Having said that: if you have friends or family who might also enjoy a Gizmoplex membership, we encourage you to share these details. Remember, the more people who join the Gizmoplex, the sooner we can get to work making more new MST3K!

And remember: if your Kickstarter rewards include a Gizmoplex Member Pass for three, six, or nine months, you'll be able to upgrade to a full Season Pass at a special backer price! More details about that coming in May, so stay tuned.

Coming Soon: A Major Gizmoplex Upgrade!

If you read the IGN article, you might have noticed another significant development that we've been working on for a while:

Starting on MAY 6, all registered Gizmoplex users will be able to stream EVERY AVAILABLE CLASSIC EPISODE – that's over 125 episodes from Seasons 1-10 – for free, and without ads! 

Yeah, you heard us: even if you don't have a Gizmoplex Member Pass, you'll be able to stream the entire MST3K classic collection for free, and – for a limited time – without advertising!

We've been hoping to announce this since before the Kickstarter, but needed to wait until we were 100% sure we could work out all of the details… and now we have!

Also: if you're a fan of our 24/7 channels, like Twitch and PlutoTV, don't worry: none of our linear streaming channels are going away. We're not trying to remove options for watching MST3K. We're just adding a better option, where you can see every episode on demand.

"Why buy what you can stream for free?" 

One last thing:  Even though you'll be able to stream all of our classic episodes on-demand for free, we hope you'll still consider purchasing the episodes you especially love, and adding them to your personal Gizmoplex collection.

3 Reasons to Buy & Own Classic Episodes 

1. When you buy an episode, it's yours to keep… forever.

From time to time, MST3K loses the streaming rights to the movies featured in classic episodes, and we're forced to stop streaming and selling the episode. For example, we lost the rights to The Final Sacrifice in 2017, and are no longer allowed to stream the beloved adventures of Rowsdower and Troy. But, if you had already purchased that episode, you'd still be able to watch it whenever you want!

2. When you buy an episode, you can download it DRM-free!

Once you own an episode in the Gizmoplex, you also get access to DRM-free downloads. That means you can watch your episodes offline, back them up for safe-keeping, and break free of the yoke of your internet overlords! Plus, starting later this year, you'll also get access to any available bonus material for the episodes you own!

3. When you buy an episode, you're helping us #MakeMoreMST3K.

The last reason is the most obvious: when you purchase episodes of MST3K through the Gizmoplex, you're also helping fund the creation of more new MST3K, and helping us cover the cost of keeping the Gizmoplex – and our apps – available to everyone. Buying episodes keeps this whole machine going!

So that’s where we stand with today’s newest announcement! If you still have questions, join us on the forums or leave your thoughts in the comments below.

Thanks again, backers, for joining us on this wild ride!

TONIGHT at 8pm PT / 5pm PT: Our first GIZMOPLEX TRIBUTE EVENT features MANOS: THE HANDS OF FATE... and our first BRAND-NEW SHORT for Season 13!
7 months ago – Sun, Mar 20, 2022 at 02:39:34 PM

This is your day-of-show reminder:

Tonight at 5pm PT / 8pm ET, please join us for our first GIZMOPLEX TRIBUTE EVENT, featuring the beloved – sort of – MANOS: THE HANDS OF FATE, by clicking here!

But let’s not bury the lede:

At the start of tonight's show, we'll also premiere this season's first all-new, freshly riffed, SHORT FILM!

Yes, the short will be airing first, but we hope you’ll stick around for the rest of the event. We have some brand-new exclusive content throughout the show, plus a live discussion and audience Q+A session immediately after the episode, featuring Joel, Mary Jo, and a special guest! 

Also: please note that BackerKit sent out a new round of emails yesterday, letting backers know that their GIZMOPLEX MEMBER PASSES were available to redeem using our new, easier method. 

If you already claimed your Gizmoplex Member Pass, you can ignore that email. If you haven't redeemed your pass, or are having trouble redeeming it from BackerKit's email, look for an email from our team over the weekend with a one-click button that'll help you redeem your pass.

And again, if you can't join us live for this event, don't worry: 

The "almost-instant replay" will be available in the Gizmoplex a few hours after the live show ends. 

To view the replay on the Gizmoplex, just go to your PURCHASES and click on your Gizmoplex Event Pass. You'll see it there as soon as it's available – or click here!)

In the meantime, you're gonna need some dinner to go with your movie, so be sure to check out Joel's recipe for TORGO'S PIZZA. Complimentary crazy bread not included.

Got questions about Manos? 

Pop over to the Livestream Q+A category in the forums and share your burning inquiries there, and you may get an answer during tonight’s event!

Gizmoplex Live Chat, Round 2

If you found the live chat a little overwhelming during the last livestream event, well... so did we! Tonight, we're trying some new tricks to make the Kingadome chat room a little more functional:

  • We’ve instituted a “slow mode” that prevents posting more than once every 20 seconds. 
  • We’ve also added a few extra "channels" you can switch into. Just click CHANNELS at the top of the chat panel, and choose the "row" of the theater you'd like to join. 
  • Want to join the chat without having a distracting chatroom next to the movie? You can join from your phone! Just click here.

That should be everything you need to know, so grab your pizza ingredients, get into your comfiest cultist robe, and sign in before the show starts at 8pm ET / 5pm PT tonight. 

We'll #SeeYouInTheGizmoplex!

7 months ago – Wed, Mar 16, 2022 at 04:41:32 AM

The MST3K "soft launch" continues this Friday night with our first-ever "Gizmoplex Special Event," and (if your pledge rewards included a Gizmoplex Member Pass) you're invited!

On Friday night, at 8pm ET / 5pm PT, join us for a livestream event as we pay special tribute to MANOS: THE HANDS OF FATE!

Join the MST3K team and your fellow backers in real-time to watch what is arguably the worst film in MST3K’s long history. Plus, the event will include:

  • New Gizmoplex-exclusive content throughout the episode
  • Post-show Q&A with Joel Hodgson, Mary Jo Pehl, and a very special guest! 


For the first time since 1999, we'll premiere a brand-new MST3K SHORT RIFF!

No, we’re not telling you what it is yet. You’ll find out on Friday.

Dinner and a Movie?

If you want to have the full Gizmoplex Experience this Friday night, we've got your dinner plans figured out: Joel is finishing up a recipe for the infamous Torgo’s Pizza, and with a little planning ahead, you'll be able to make it yourself and enjoy it during the show!

Just grab these items from your favorite grocer, or using the links below:

We'll post the full recipe on Friday morning! Also, full disclosure: if you do order these items from Amazon / Whole Foods using the links above, MST3K gets a small commission… which will (slowly) help us start raising funds for more new MST3K!

And finally: we know that some backers are still having trouble redeeming their Gizmoplex member passes. DON'T WORRY: we don't want you to miss anything, so we'll have more information tomorrow on an easier way to activate your pass before Friday's event!

Stay tuned for more, and we'll #SeeYouInTheGizmoplex on Friday night!

MST3K News & Updates: March 12, 2022
7 months ago – Sun, Mar 13, 2022 at 09:48:59 PM

In This Update

  • The New Plan for Backer Updates
  • Update: Redeeming Gizmoplex Passes
  • Gizmoplex Access + Virtual Theater Invites
  • Episode 1301 "rough cut" now streaming
  • Help us troubleshoot Episode 1301 audio!
  • Meet the Crew: Greg Gant, Director of Photography (East)


You know the drill: we’ve got another update for you, fresh and toasty from the behind-the-scenes oven. Lesley and Ivan here, donning our oven mitts to give you the latest news. Let's dig in!

The Evolution of Backer Updates

Now that we're into post-production and editing all of the episodes, there's a little bit less behind-the-scenes action to report each week. Also, now that we've started hosting livestream premieres and special events in the Gizmoplex every two weeks, you'll start to see what we've been doing for yourself.

So, moving forward, we'll be sending backer updates a little less often than we have during production. You can still expect at least two updates each month, including announcements about upcoming events and Kickstarter rewards, as well as a few more "in-depth" updates. 

Don't worry: we're not going anywhere! We just won't be in your inbox quite as often. 

UPDATE: Redeeming Gizmoplex Passes

As promised in our last update, our team has been working around the clock on a simpler method for distributing and redeeming your Gizmoplex Passes and digital reward codes... and the good news is, we're getting close!

For now, you can continue redeeming your Gizmoplex Passes using our original method, but if you're having trouble accessing your reward codes in BackerKit, or adding the rewards to your Gizmoplex / VHX account, please be patient just a little bit longer. 

We're doing our best to solve this ASAP, and should be able to help everyone before next Friday's livestream special event. We'll update you again early next week. 

Gizmoplex Access + Virtual Theater Invites

As we explained a few weeks ago, the Gizmoplex comes in a few different "flavors." 

If you've activated your Gizmoplex Pass rewards, you can already watch each of our livestream events and replays, as well as each month's "Vault Pick" selections using either the website, or one of our new apps for phones, tablets and TVs.

Just make sure that you're logged in with the same email address you used when redeeming your reward code, and check the LIBRARY section to access all of your content.

And, as of this week, we've started sending out the first wave of email invites to join the Gizmoplex Virtual Theater "backer beta", which will let you set up an account to access your Gizmoplex collection through the new, visual "theater" we've been building for the web.

Over the next 4-6 weeks, we'll continue sending out more invitations in batches, until we've sent them to all Kickstarter backers, as well as anyone who pre-ordered a Gizmoplex Member Pass after the Kickstarter ended, and before March 1 of this year.

These invitations will be sent in the same order that your pledges were made, so the earlier you pledged, the sooner you will receive an invitation!

Want to watch the "standalone" version of Episode 1301?

If your rewards included a Gizmoplex Pass, and you've been able to redeem and use it, hopefully you've already had a chance to watch (or rewatch) our live premiere of Episode 1301, Santo in the Treasure of Dracula.

But, for those of you who didn't want to watch the full livestream version – complete with intermission and a post-episode discussion – we're happy to report that you now have access to stream a "standalone" rough cut of the episode.

 Starting now, you'll find a "pre-release" rough cut of Episode 1301, complete with a closed caption track, in your Gizmoplex Event Pass, right next to the "livestream premiere" replay!

Remember: you need to be logged in with the same Gizmoplex account you used to redeem your rewards. Otherwise, you'll see a button asking you to BUY the episode, when you should have access for free!

Help us troubleshoot the new episode!

Now, since this is still our "soft launch" period, and the version of Episode 1301 we're sharing is the same "rough cut" version we premiered last week, we have a favor to ask. 

Since last week's livestream, a number of backers have reported that the audio was much quieter for the movie than for the riffs and host segments. However, we've also received reports that the audio levels were fine. 

And here's the problem: since we haven't encountered this problem ourselves, it's hard for us to figure out what's going on, or to fix it.

We want to figure out why the audio levels work for some viewers and not others, and to do that we need your help.

When you watch the "standalone" version of Santo in the Treasure and Dracula, please pay particular attention to the audio levels, and – if you use them – the closed captions. 

After the episode ends, we'll provide a URL where you can fill out a brief survey to let us know about the audio levels, along with details about how you watched the episode.

If you've already watched the livestream and did have trouble with the audio, your feedback is especially valuable – so if you don't want to watch the full episode again, please check out at least a few minutes of the movie and host segments, and let us know if it's still hard to hear.

With your help, we can make sure the finished episode sounds as good as possible for everyone when we premiere it for the public on May 6.

A Note About the "Soft Launch"

For what it's worth: these sorts of problems are exactly why we decided to start with a two-month soft launch just for backers. 

After all, this is the first time we've made the show this way, or attempted to distribute it ourselves without a network or streaming partner. And while that might lead to some glitches up front, it also gives us a really unique opportunity to work with you to fix some of these problems before the episode is "finished."

If we were on a network, we wouldn't be able to make additional fixes to the episode after it premiered: we'd just be stuck with a version of the show that some people have trouble hearing. But, because we're distributing the show ourselves, we can keep fixing problems – and collaborating with you to make the show better – in ways that were never possible before.


The forums were pretty spicy over the past two weeks, with all the premiere anticipation and then the discussion of our first new episode!

Allow us to tempt you with some threads from the last week:

Also, we’ve created two new forum categories:

  • There's now a dedicated forum for The Gizmoplex, which includes areas for features you’d like to see and help requests
  • There's also a dedicated forum for Season 13, where you can discuss all facets of season 13 while keeping the rest of the forums relatively spoiler-free for those who won’t get to join until the public premiere in May.


Each week, we’re introducing you to another member of the MST3K team. This week, it's...

Greg Gant, Director of Photography (East)

1. In a sentence or two, what do you do on MST3K? Hi everyone! My name is Greg and I am the director of photography for the MST3K episodes being filmed on the East Coast. I am in charge of the lighting and camera department on set. I also work closely with the directors and producers to ensure the image we're shooting is making everyone look good.

2. What do you love most about your job? What I love most about being a cinematographer is combining my love for camera and computer technology with the art of film lighting. Setting up on a film set can be chaotic, but eventually, all the pieces line up and to create a beautiful end result.

3. Tell us a fun fact about you. My wife and I love to enter contests. Over the years we have won numerous vacations and hundreds of concert tickets.

To find out more about Greg, check out his website ( and follow him on Instagram (@greggant.dp).

As always, join us on this week's dedicated forum thread with your questions and feedback. And – in case we haven't said this in a minute – we're so grateful for all of your support in getting MST3K to this point, and for your ongoing feedback. 

We know there are still areas that can get even better, and – with your help and input – we're confident they will. Thanks for being on the journey with us!

Your correspondents,

Lesley & Ivan

Having trouble redeeming your Gizmoplex Pass? We're working on making it easier!
7 months ago – Wed, Mar 09, 2022 at 12:27:00 AM

Hello Backers,

We're delighted that most of you have been able to redeem your Gizmoplex Member Passes, and could join us for Friday's "backers only" livestream of Episode 1301.

However, we also know that a significant number of backers are experiencing a range of frustrating obstacles. While our two-person support team is doing its best to respond to requests as we receive them, we now realize that we need a better solution.

To make things easier, we are working on a much simpler approach to activating all of your Member Passes and digital rewards. 

It might take us a few more days to work things out… but we promise: this is the fastest way to help everyone who is still having trouble.

We apologize profusely to those of you still waiting for a fix, or a response from our support team. We understand your frustration, and are deeply sorry for any disappointment you're feeling.

We knew it was possible we'd run into some problems, which is exactly why we decided to start with a "soft launch" for backers before premiering the show to the public on May 6th… but even so, we know how frustrating it is when you're the one experiencing those problems.

We are working around the clock to fix this. As soon as we do, we'll work to make things right with anyone who is still frustrated. We hope you'll give us that chance!

Thanks for sticking with us, and giving us the room to get this right.

Your Friends,

Ivan & Team MST3K