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Latest Updates from Our Project:

MST3K Turkey Day Marathon starts tomorrow at 9am ET / 6am PT… and we’ll reveal the FULL SEASON 13 LINEUP!
10 months ago – Thu, Nov 25, 2021 at 01:30:14 AM

Dear MST3K Friends & Family,

Turkey Day is nearly here, so we’re sending one last invitation:

Please join us tomorrow, NOVEMBER 25, for our annual MST3K TURKEY DAY MARATHON!

Starting at 9am ET / 6am PT, and running all day long, we’ll be serving up EIGHT EPISODES of MST3K, plus some BIG news!

If you don’t already know, Turkey Day (or “Thanksgiving,” if you prefer) is an important milestone for Mystery Science Theater, since the very first episode of the show premiered on Thanksgiving in 1988. So, it’s not just a holiday in the United States: it’s also our birthday! And this year, we’re turning… 33, apparently?

Anyway, for this year’s Turkey Day Marathon, we’ll be running EIGHT CLASSIC EPISODES back-to-back, with half of them chosen by our team, and the other half by you: the viewers! Plus, to keep things festive, we’ve also got all-new host segments featuring Jonah, Emily, Tom Servo (Conor McGiffin), Crow (Nate Begle), and GPC2 (Yvonne Freese)!

And if you want something extra to look forward to, you’ll want to stay tuned in all day, because we’ll also be revealing ALL THIRTEEN MOVIES that our cast will be riffing next year in the Gizmoplex for our next all-new season of MST3K!

Where To Watch

This year, the MST3K Turkey Day Marathon will be streaming live across a lot of great streaming services and platforms, including...

  • The Shout! Factory TV App, on Apple TV, Roku, and Amazon Fire. Download the app to your device, then navigate to the MST3K 24/7 channel to begin watching.
  • Or: YouTube, Twitch, PlutoTV (Channel 488), Redbox,, LocalNow, Xumo, Roku (Channel 336) STIRR (Channel 149), Vizio, PLEX and TCL TVs!

Join the Conversation

Planning to stick around for the entire marathon, and want to share it with some good MST-loving folk? Us too!

Speaking on behalf of the entire MST3K team, this year what we’re most grateful for is you, the backers, and your continued support of MST3K -- and if you want to share what you’re most thankful for, there’s a community thread on the forums right now to share in!

Now loosen your belt, find a comfortable place to sit, and we’ll see you tomorrow.

Happy Turkey Day, everyone!

MST3K Weekly Update: Nov. 15-19, 2021
10 months ago – Sun, Nov 21, 2021 at 09:04:26 PM

In This Update

  •  Production: Progress in LA + unexpected setbacks.
  •  Kickstarter News: Holiday cards + final overstock discovered!
  •  Gizmoplex News: A look at the logotype design for classic episodes
  •  Turkey Day Marathon: Join us on Thursday starting at 9am ET / 6pm PT.
  •  Meet the Team: Paul Sabourin, Writer & Musician

Gobble Gobble, Friends!

It’s almost time for our annual Turkey Day Marathon, and the reveal of ALL 13 MOVIES we’ll be riffing next season… but that’s still a few days away. Right now, it’s time for your weekly update. Ivan and Lesley here with the latest news, so let’s see what’s on the menu today.


FILMING IN PROGRESS: We had another productive week of shooting in Los Angeles, where Jonah, Baron and Hampton completed recording on the riff segments for all of their episodes, along with a few episodes’ worth of host segments.

Recording the riff for (the already revealed) “Gamera vs Jiger.”
It might LOOK like Baron is resting. He’s actually just staying out of the shot.
Back in black (for silhouette shots). Photo from @jonahray Instagram.

NEW CHALLENGES: As all shows do, we’ve also had our share of unexpected production hiccups. This week, that included a FedEx shipment of props that went missing, and didn’t show up several days after we were scheduled to use them for host segments, as well as some last-minute scheduling adjustments when a few members of our cast and crew tested positive for COVID. (Nothing to be worried about, we promise: everyone was vaccinated and are feeling mostly fine, but there are a lot of strict quarantine protocols that have to be followed to prevent further spread.) Fortunately – with special credit due to our producers and directors – we were able to shuffle the order of shooting on a few scenes, so we’re still pretty much on schedule.

MEANWHILE, OFF SET: The team that wasn’t on set in Los Angeles this week has been hard at work on a lot of different tasks, including:

  • Finishing the editing for this year’s Turkey Day host segments
  • Putting the final touches on teasers for each of our 13 NEW MOVIES!
  • Working out the details for next year’s 12 BONUS LIVESTREAM EVENTS
  • Preparing for this season’s big MODEL SHOOT at the Alternaversal offices 


1. REWARD SURVEYS: 3750 unanswered surveys remaining.

As usual, if you haven’t filled out your BackerKit reward survey yet, this is your weekly reminder that we’re now two months past the deadline, and need your answers ASAP in order to include your rewards in our initial manufacturing runs. If you haven’t finished (or received) your BackerKit reward survey yet, please follow these instructions to get it re-sent, and then submit it ASAP.

2. HOLIDAY CARDS: Double-check your address by NOVEMBER 27.

As promised last week, the HOLIDAY CARD reward is now at the printers, and it’s looking beautiful. We don’t want to ruin the surprise and share the original artwork yet, but we can’t wait for you to see it – and we’re on track to get them all into the mail in early December!

If your rewards include the MST3K HOLIDAY CARD, and you want to double-check your address to make sure we’re sending it to the right place, the deadline is next Saturday, NOVEMBER 27. On Sunday, we’ll be sending the list of addresses to the mailing house, and that’s where your holiday card will be sent.

If your rewards include a HOLIDAY CARD and we have not yet received your completed reward survey, or a mailing address, we will include your card with any other rewards we ship you.

Please note: You WILL be able to update your address again before we send out the next round of rewards. So, if you want the HOLIDAY CARD sent to one address, and everything else sent to another address, you’ll be able to update it again.

3. We found an extra stash of overstock MST3K MIMOBOTS and TOTE BAGS!

As part of the reward fulfillment process, we’ve also been pulling all of our remaining overstock rewards out of storage, making sure they’re still in good shape, and getting them ready to send to our warehouse to include with your other rewards.

This week, while sorting all of the MST3K MIMOBOT USB DRIVES into pairs, bagging them, and adding barcodes – the warehouse requires them for more accurate tracking – we discovered that we actually had about 80 extra pairs:

So, if you want to claim one of the FINAL sets of these #BringBackMST3K Kickstarter overstock originals – a pair of 8GB USB flash drives designed to look like your favorite robot friends – you’ve got one last chance: grab the final sets as an Add-On Reward now!

And, if you were hoping for one of the beautiful full-color “MST3K: THE GAUNTLET TOTE BAGS” from our Season 12 pledge drive, we also found a final box with 20 more:

Measuring 17.5” x 16”, with the NEW MST3K MOON and the official poster artwork from The Gauntlet, these bags will be perfect for carrying all of the other Kickstarter rewards we’ll be shipping out next year. So, last chance: grab one of the final tote bags now!


As we mentioned during the Kickstarter campaign, one of the main features of the Gizmoplex is that you’ll be able to browse, sort and view your personal collection of MST3K episodes, which will include any episodes you got as rewards during our Kickstarters or pledge drive, as well as any episodes that you decide to buy or rent from the Gizmoplex Video Store.

However, if you’ve ever streamed MST3K episodes on VHX – the platform that we used to deliver your episode rewards in the past – then you already know that browsing your collection isn’t the most visual or intuitive experience. Until now, browsing your collection of episodes on VHX presented you with a Netflix-like grid of episodes, where each title looks identical:

And while that was a good “starter” solution when we first set VHX up back in 2016, we felt like the Gizmoplex – and even the artwork on VHX – needed to look a little more exciting than that. So, we’ve been working through all of the movies’ title screens and original promotional posters for inspiration, and have been preparing new logotypes for each movie.

So, when you start receiving your digital episode downloads – both for new and classic episodes – they’ll all have unique artwork that makes them easier to tell apart. We’re not finished with all of them yet, but here are some samples of movies from the first few seasons:

To make episodes easier to browse and find, we’ve also been adding a lot of useful metadata to each episode, like descriptions, episode numbers, film genres, featured actors and characters, and more. So, if you want to quickly find an MST3K episode featuring giant monsters, spaceships or super spies, or just your favorite host or invention exchange, that should be a lot easier than before.

If you already own some episodes in VHX, you may start to see their artwork update over the next few weeks. That’s because, even once the Gizmoplex launches, we still intend to use VHX / Vimeo OTT as the underlying engine to manage all of our video content, cover art and metadata. So, whether you end up preferring the Gizmoplex website, our upcoming apps, or the original VHX / Vimeo website, you’ll still benefit from upgraded cover art and metadata.


Well, this year's TURKEY DAY TOURNAMENT has come to a close, all of the votes have been cast, and the winner(s) have been selected!

This year, Prince of Space dominated the competition to claim the top spot – and it's one of four fan-selected episodes that will be included in this year's Turkey Day Marathon broadcast. 

The four fan-selected movies for this year will be...

  • The Magic Voyage of Sinbad
  • Hercules vs the Moon Men
  • The Brain That Wouldn’t Die
  • Prince of Space

And here’s your reminder that Turkey Day, our annual Thanksgiving cheesy-movie binge, happens next week. You definitely don’t want to miss this year’s event, as throughout the marathon we’ll be revealing all thirteen movies to be riffed in season 13 with help from Jonah, Emily, and the bots!

Join us for this year’s Turkey Day Marathon on Thursday, November 25, starting at 9am ET / 6am PT.

This year, our Turkey Day Marathon features EIGHT back-to-back episodes: four chosen by you, and four chosen by us here at MST3K! You can get all the details, including the platforms where you can watch, at


Where’s the Time Bubble Tour headed next week? We’re so glad you asked!

You can see all the currently-announced dates and theaters on our tour website at


Pssst, you might have heard, we’ve got these official MST3K forums! Join up here if you’d like to check it out. Here are a few delicious threads from the past week:


Each week, we’re introducing you to another member of the MST3K team. This week, it's...

 Paul Sabourin, Writer & Musician 

Photo by Steve Petrucelli

1. In a sentence or two, what do you do on MST3K? In addition to writing on numerous episodes over the past three seasons, my music partner Storm and I have written many of the songs from them as well. I’ve also worked as the show’s “music coordinator,” helping oversee the filming of songs, helping out during the editing process, and so forth.

2. What do you love most about your job? I’ve said this elsewhere, but it’s worth repeating… back in 1991, when I first saw MST3K (“Catalina Caper” was the first one I saw), I literally said how it would be a dream job to write for that show. All these years later, to have been able to be a part of this show’s legacy is a true honor and pleasure.

3. Tell us a fun fact about you. According to my Letterboxd list, I’ve seen nearly 2,500 movies. Several of them were actually good!

That’s all for this week. Since a lot of our team are traveling next week for the holidays, we won’t be doing our normal weekly “behind the scenes” update next Friday, but don’t worry: we’ll get back to the regular grind after Turkey Day.

In the meantime – and as always – please join us in this week's dedicated forum thread with your feedback and questions. And of course: have a great Turkey Day, everyone!

Your correspondents,

Ivan & Lesley

MST3K Weekly Update: Nov 8-12, 2021
11 months ago – Sun, Nov 14, 2021 at 05:06:50 AM

In This Update

  •  Production: Filming begins in LA with Felicia and Patton!
  •  Kickstarter News: Holiday cards coming in December!
  •  Gizmoplex News: Progress update, launch phases + beta testing!
  •  Turkey Day 2021: Fan favorite movies selected + movie reveals coming!
  •  Meet the Team: Sarah Mitchell, Set Costumer (PA)

Hail and Well Met, Backers!

Lesley and Ivan here, with your weekly update on all things MST3K.

Over the past few weeks, we’ve learned that production weeks are so busy that we haven’t even had time to finish these updates in time for Friday afternoons. So, from now on, whenever we’re in a production week, please expect the Weekly Update to arrive on Saturday.

And with that said: it’s the Saturday of a production week now, so join the conga line and let’s get this party started!


  •  PRODUCTION BEGINS IN LA: We spent the first half of this week setting up our soundstage in Los Angeles, and yesterday afternoon, we wrapped up two full days of shooting scenes with Kinga and Max. Next week, we’ll record all of the riffs for the episodes featuring Jonah, Baron, Hampton and Rebecca, and then use whatever time remains to start shooting host segments and Gizmoplex bonus materials.
  • If you follow Felicia or Patton on Twitter, you might have already gotten a sneak peek at their costume fittings:
It’s a Mad, Mad, Mad, Mads’ World, and we’re happy to have ours back in uniform.
  • To give you a sense of the space where we’re shooting in Los Angeles – which is a lot smaller than the space where we shot in Philadelphia – here’s a quick look at the soundstage:
Jonah leans into the shot to check something on the teleprompter. We think.
The space in Los Angeles is a lot smaller than the one where we shot in PA… but just as expensive!
Jonah checks a shot on the monitor as Josh Fruehling (Assistant Director) reviews our schedule..
Just a couple of Mads and their test subject turned director. It’s a confusing dynamic.


1. REWARD SURVEYS: 3800 unanswered surveys remaining.

If you haven’t filled out your BackerKit reward survey yet, this is your weekly reminder that we’re now more than a month past deadline, and need your answers ASAP in order to include your rewards in our main manufacturing runs. If you haven’t finished or received your BackerKit reward survey yet, please follow these instructions to get it submitted ASAP.

2. HOLIDAY CARDS: Printing this week + mailing in early December.

As we mentioned in a previous update, the first PHYSICAL REWARD we’re planning to send out is our MST3K HOLIDAY CARD, which we’re aiming to mail in early December.

If your rewards include a holiday card, and your mailing address has changed since you filled out your BackerKit survey, please be sure to update it by Friday, November 19, so that we don’t send your card to the wrong address.

If you’re not sure what address you provided, or need to update your address, here’s how.


We know that a lot of you have been eagerly awaiting more details about our progress on the Gizmoplex, and we’re looking forward to starting to share a little more of what we’re working on in these updates.

As we start to share our progress, please remember that our goal for the Gizmoplex was not to build a new platform from scratch, but to combine several other platforms and tools into a customized “MST3K-like” experience.

Throughout the Kickstarter campaign, we also know that many of you were clear that your pledges should be spent mostly on new episodes, and not on Gizmoplex development, so we’re doing our best to build our new theater with a very small team and budget.

Of course, that hasn’t stopped us from having a lot of additional, ambitious ideas and goals for how the Gizmoplex could work, so here’s our current plan: in order to make sure we’ve got the essential parts working, we’re now planning to launch the Gizmoplex in several phases.

For PHASE 1 – which we’re aiming to have working in time for the premiere of Episode 1301 – we want to make sure that the Gizmoplex site will allow you to:

  • Register and set up a Gizmoplex user account
  • Link your account to your MST3K video library on VHX
  • Browse and stream your collection of episodes
  • Browse a catalog of all episodes available to rent and / or buy
  • Attend the livestream premieres and special events

While there’s a lot more we’re aiming to do – especially in creating social viewing and interaction, adding watch parties, etc – some of those features will require more time to test and release, which means they probably won’t be part of the Gizmoplex when it first opens. However, as our “Founding Members”, we promise to keep you informed about the plans as we go.

BETA TESTING: If everything stays on schedule, we’re hoping to start our first small-scale beta test in December with about 100 volunteers, and then expand to more public beta as soon as we’re ready. If you’re interested in volunteering to join the beta test, keep an eye on these weekly updates: we’ll provide a link to a volunteer registration form in early December.

BACKUP OPTIONS: To safeguard your experience, we’re also working to make sure that – even if the Gizmoplex site experiences technical problems in the beginning – you’ll still be able to attend all livestream events and access all of your own video collection through other channels. More specifically, you will always have the ability to watch all content directly on VHX, as well as through the MST3K apps that we’ll be releasing before the first new episode premieres.

We’ll explain more about how all of these options work as we get closer.


The qualifying rounds of our Turkey Day Marathon Tournament are complete, which means we’ve now got our four fan-selected episodes for Turkey Day!

Based on your votes, this year’s Turkey Day Menu will include:

  • The Magic Voyage of Sinbad
  • Hercules Against the Moon Men
  •  The Brain That Wouldn’t Die 
  • Prince of Space

BUT: Just for fun, we’re going to continue the voting to see which episode comes out as this year’s favorite. These four winners will be combined with four surprise episodes chosen by us here at MST3K HQ.

That said, the real winners are everyone who watches the Turkey Day marathon this year. We’ll let Crow, Servo and GPC2 explain:

That’s right, friends! As part of Turkey Day 2021, we’ll be revealing ALL THIRTEEN MOVIES that we’re riffing for Season 13!

So, if you want to see what the next year has in store for you, be sure to tune in on THURSDAY, NOVEMBER 25, starting at 9am ET / 6am PT. Find all of the details on where to watch on


If you’ve been to an #MST3KLive show before, you’ll know we play music before the show and during intermission. What you might not have known is that the show’s playlist was compiled by the cast and crew, and that you can go listen to it on Spotify right now!

We’ve got a few final tour dates:

Also, the date for WORCESTER, MA will be announced on Tuesday, November 16, and the backer presale will be happening Wednesday through Friday with code MVSGN.

As always, you can see all the currently-announced dates and theaters on our tour website at


Hey! You might not have heard, but we’ve got these new official MST3K forums, and boy howdy, they are a riot. Join up here if you’d like to check them out. Here are a few delicious threads from the past week:


Each week, we’re introducing you to another member of the MST3K team. This week, it's...

Sarah Mitchell, Set Costumer (PA)

1. In a sentence or two, what do you do on MST3K? I am the set costumer for the Philadelphia shoot, which means I keep track of all the costumes for cast and bots alike, make costume adjustments as needed, that sort of thing.

2. What do you love most about your job? I would say learning how to costume puppets has been my favorite thing so far! That’s a whole new area for me.

3. Tell us a fun fact about you. This might be obvious, given what I do, but... Halloween is my favorite holiday.

And that’s all we’ve got for this week.

As always, join us on the dedicated forum thread with your questions and feedback. Have a stupendous weekend, everyone!

Your correspondents,

Lesley & Ivan

MST3K Weekly Update: Oct 29 - Nov 6, 2021
11 months ago – Sun, Nov 07, 2021 at 01:52:30 AM

In This Update

  •  Production: Filming shifts from Penn to LA + resumes next week!
  •  Kickstarter News: Coin previews, patch progress, forum status!
  •  Turkey Day 2021: More tournament bracket updates!
  •  Meet the Team: Fre Keck Howard, Hair & Makeup (PA) 

Happy November, friends!

Ivan and Lesley here with the latest news from the past week… and as you may have noticed, this week was so hectic that we’re bringing you a special Saturday edition of the MST3K Weekly Update. And since you’ve already waited long enough, let’s get right to it!


  •  WRAPPING UP IN PA: Even though we’ve been finished shooting in Pennsylvania for a few weeks, there’s still been more work involved to “wrap” that shoot. All of the costumes and props have now been packed, and either sent to storage (if we’re done using them) or to Los Angeles (if we’ll need them for our next shoot). We’ve also been running a lot of errands, like returning rental equipment, getting security deposits back, and making sure all of the cast and crew have been paid for their work.
  •  BUDGET REVIEWS: Our producers have also been reviewing all of our invoices and expenses to “actualize” the budget – meaning, to compare what we planned to spend with what we actually spent, so we can update our remaining budgets to be more accurate. (Granted, most of you might not find budget updates that interesting, but we want to make sure you know that we’re being careful with every single dime of what you pledged!)
  •  PREPARING FOR LA: With our first PA shoot complete, most of us have turned to preparing for the next round of filming, where we’ll shoot most of this season’s Jonah-hosted episodes. Since that starts in less than a week, there’s been plenty to do, including: reviewing and approving props and costumes; getting models finalized for our miniature model shoot; doing final revisions on scripts; making sure we’ve got each day’s shots listed and scheduled; getting the scripts printed and loaded into the teleprompters, and so on.
  •  PAGE TURN MEETINGS: We’ve also been working through a series of what are called “page turn” meetings. In these sessions, the producers, director, cast, and key crew positions – like our costumers and prop masters –  review each script, one page at a time, to make sure we’ve made all of the decisions that have to be made before we get in front of the camera, and that everything will be ready to go on time.
  •  PREPARING FOR TURKEY DAY: Finally, our post-production team has been hard at work editing all of the new segments that will appear in this year’s MST3K Turkey Day Marathon, including a very special surprise. More details on that in next week’s update!


1. REWARD SURVEYS: 3850 unanswered surveys remaining.

First: thank you to the 300+ backers who finished their surveys this week!

Second – with apologies to everyone who is done – we need to keep mentioning this: we're still attempting to reach the final 10% of backers who haven't filled out their reward surveys, so that we can include your rewards in our main manufacturing runs. If you haven’t finished or received your BackerKit reward survey yet, please follow these instructions to get it submitted ASAP.

2. CHALLENGE COINS: Unfinished coins from the mint!

This week, we got a much closer look at the progress on the CHALLENGE COIN rewards, with clear photos showing what each coin will look like before the enamel coloring is applied:

We’re pretty excited about these, and can’t wait to get them into your hands. If your pledge rewards don’t include one (or all) of the CHALLENGE COINS, good news: you still have another week or two before we place the final quantity order, which means you can still grab them as stand-alone Add-On Rewards.

3. MISSION PATCHES: If at first you don’t succeed...

While these updates are usually focused on sharing our positive progress, we thought it might also be interesting to share an unexpected problem we’ve been dealing with over the past month, and in this case, related to the MISSION PATCHES add-on reward.

As you might remember from our Kickstarter page, or from the BackerKit survey, we had already finalized and shared the design for all four “host” mission patches in the set… and, after a lot of back and forth, we signed off on these final proofs from the manufacturer:

We’ve hidden the numbers on Jonah and Emily’s patches, since we haven’t announced how many episodes they’ll each be hosting.

As you can see, these are pretty much identical to what we showed you on BackerKit, so we went ahead and asked the manufacturer to make an initial batch that we could use on screen for the new episodes. But when we got back the actual patches, they looked like this:

And while they’re not terrible, they’re definitely not what we approved, either. The general consensus on set was that Jonah came out looking like Dwight Schrute, Emily came out looking like Heath Ledger’s Joker, and all of them look like they’ve been run over with steamrollers.

So, even though it added a lot of extra work and some re-negotiation of prices, we ended up taking the job elsewhere, and convincing another manufacturer who we know from the first Kickstarter to step in and handle the patches. A few weeks later, we received their physical samples:

We were a lot more satisfied with these versions, so these are the ones we’ll be using on-screen in the new season… and the ones you’ll receive if you got the Mission Patches as an Add-On Reward. (And if you didn’t, we ordered about 100 extras, which you can still reserve right now on BackerKit: if you want them, click here to get yours.)

4. BACKER STATUS on MST3K FORUMS: Activating this month.

Finally, one more reward update that we’ve gotten a lot of questions about:

If your completed BackerKit survey indicated that you do want to be designated with a special “Backer” status on the MST3K forums, you won’t need to wait much longer. Using the email address you provided for your forum account on BackerKit, we’ll be activating your BACKER STATUS before the end of November.

Please note: If you already have backer status and didn’t provide the email address of your forum account in BackerKit, you will lose your designation when we activate it for all confirmed backers. If you’re not sure whether you provided an email address for your forum account, we’ve posted instructions on how to double-check your survey answers.


The TIME BUBBLE TOUR kicked off last week, and we are thrilled with the show so far! Here’s where the tour will be this week:

  •  Nov 6: Rochester, NY - Auditorium Theater - BUY TICKETS 
  •  Nov 7: Washington, DC - Warner Theatre - BUY TICKETS 
  •  Nov 9: Chester, NY - Sugarloaf Performing Arts Center - BUY TICKETS 
  •  Nov 10 & 11: Boston, MA - The Wilbur - BUY TICKETS 
  •  Nov 12: New Haven, CT - Shubert Theater - BUY TICKETS 

And, of course, you can see all of the upcoming tour dates and available tickets on


This week, Hercules Against the Moon Men held strong against Warrior of the Lost World, and The Brain That Wouldn’t Die fought off a challenge by The Touch of Satan. This means both Moon Men and Brain have secured places in this year’s Turkey Day Marathon!

Today’s vote features the fan favorite Prince of Space locked in battle with underdog Village of the Giants. Can the combined powers of Tommy Kirk and Beau Bridges fend off the mighty Krankor? Your votes decide!


Hey, look at these fantastic forums! They’re amazing! Join up here if you’d like to experience the joy for yourself. Here are a few delicious threads from the past week:


Each week, we’re introducing you to another member of the MST3K team. This week, it's...

Fre Howard Keck, Hair & Makeup (PA)

1. In a sentence or two, what do you do on MST3K? I am the hair and makeup artist during the Philadelphia shoot for the show.

2. What do you love most about your job? Meeting all the wonderful cast and crew. Everyone is so nice. This has been one of my favorite jobs ever!

3. Tell us a fun fact about you. I used to be a sign language interpreter!

(And, since she was too modest to talk about herself much, we’ll add that Fre has a really great on-set presence, and radiates a warm, positive energy that helps everyone else feel calm and appreciated. Thanks for all of your hard work, Fre!)

And... that’s all we’ve got for this time!

Next week, we should finally have a little more news for those of you waiting for Gizmoplex details, as well as a tease of what you can expect if you tune into this year’s Turkey Day Marathon.

As always, join us on the dedicated forum thread with your questions and feedback. And have a suitably autumnal weekend, everyone!

Your correspondents,

Ivan & Lesley

MST3K Weekly Update: Oct 25-29, 2021
11 months ago – Wed, Nov 03, 2021 at 01:13:58 PM

In This Update

  •  Production: Wrapped in PA! Prepping for LA!
  •  Kickstarter News: Coin previews, reward updates + online classes! 
  •  Turkey Day 2021: Tournament bracket updates!
  •  MST3K LIVE: The Time Bubble Tour starts tomorrow!
  •  Meet the Team: Gary Glover, Production Designer & Artist

 Happy Halloween, friends! 

It’s Friday again, and we're mostly just scared at how fast October went by! After a few weeks of brief updates from set, we're back in the saddle this afternoon with some new details about the Kickstarter, the launch of the Time Bubble Tour,  and the kind of detailed weekly update you've come to expect! As always, Lesley and Ivan are your crypt-keepers, here with the latest frights. Let's check it out, shall we?


  •  EPISODE SHOOTING: As we reported last week, we're thrilled to confirm that we have now finished shooting four episodes of the new season featuring our newest cast members (Emily, Nate, Conor and Yvonne), who had about 24 hours to rest before they headed to York, PA for final rehearsals for MST3K Live's Time Bubble Tour. 
  • Even though we shared a lot of behind-the-scenes photos from our Pennsylvania shoot last week, here are two more we wanted you to see:
Joel frames a shot for a Gizmoplex video featuring the #MakeMoreMST3K Snow Globe!
A shot of most (but not all!) of our incredible Philadelphia cast and crew, just before we wrapped.
  •  BACK TO PREPPING: Now that we've wrapped up our first block of shooting, our entire production team is back in the office working hard to prepare for the next round of filming, which begins in Los Angeles in just a few weeks. As part of that, our crew has packed up a lot of the costumes, props and robots used during our Philadelphia shoot, and shipped them off to York (to use on the live tour) and Los Angeles (to use when we film more episodes).
Servo and the costumes are headed for York. The U-Haul boxes are headed to LA.
  •  NEXT UP: For our next round of production, we'll be shooting in Los Angeles for 1-2 weeks with Jonah, Baron (Servo), Hampton (Crow), and Rebecca (GPC + Synthia). We'll also have several days where we pick up all of the scenes involving our extended cast, including Grant Baciocco (Waverly), Russ Walko (Growler), Patton Oswalt (Max), Felicia Day (Kinga Forrester), and Mary Jo Pehl (Pearl Forrester). 
  • Then, after a brief break for Thanksgiving, we'll resume for another 1-2 weeks in December before wrapping production for this year. We'll give everyone a few weeks off for the holidays, and then we'll spend January finalizing everything we need for our third and final shooting block, which will begin in mid-February, just after the MST3K LIVE tour ends.
  •  EDITING BEGINS: Finally, even though we still have a lot left to shoot, we thought you might be excited to know that the editing and post-production process is already underway. Our editor(s) have begun logging and reviewing the footage captured on set, and will start assembling rough episode edits that Joel and the team can review before we start shooting in Los Angeles.


1. REWARD SURVEYS: 4150 unanswered surveys remaining.

As most of you already know, we're still attempting to reach the last 10% of backers who haven't filled out their reward surveys, so that we can include their rewards in our main manufacturing runs. 

  • If you HAVEN’T FINISHED YOUR SURVEY, we’ll still do our best to make sure you get all of your rewards… but the longer it takes to get your survey, the more your choices may be limited for options like t-shirt design, color and size. So, help us help you: please get your survey submitted ASAP. If you still have questions, let us know. 
  • If you HAVEN’T RECEIVED YOUR SURVEY, we are probably having trouble getting in touch with you. Please check this article in our Backer Support KnowledgeBase for instructions on the fastest way to get help and receive your missing survey.

And again, if you have submitted your survey, don't worry: We’re still moving forward with reward manufacturing for everyone who has sent in their answers, so that we can get your rewards delivered ASAP.

2. CHALLENGE COINS: Preview of metal dies from the mint!

We're eagerly awaiting the first physical samples of the CHALLENGE COIN rewards, but so far, the production process is off to a good start. 

Just this week, our coin-making partner sent along this photo from the mint where our coins are being printed, showing the dies for three of the designs:

We're expecting the first full-color samples within a few weeks, and will be sure to give you a look at those when we get them.

3. SURPRISE REFUNDS: Some of you overpaid on BackerKit! 

A small handful of backers – about 100 of you – may have noticed that you received $30 refunds from the #MakeMoreMST3K BackerKit this week. If you were among those backers, don't worry: we haven't canceled any of your rewards! We just discovered a small number of people who selected the same reward upgrade twice when filling out their BackerKit surveys, and were charged for it a second time. We don't want anyone overpaying, so we went ahead and refunded the additional $30 upgrade charge that you had already paid for – but you'll still get all of the rewards you're expecting, including the full set of 20 CLASSIC BONUS EPISODES that Joel selected for this Kickstarter.

4. IN-PERSON SET VISITS: Plan for mid-to-late February. Exact dates coming soon!

If your Kickstarter rewards include an IN-PERSON SET VISIT to join us in Philadelphia during the final 1-2 days of production, don't worry: you haven't missed anything. As of now, we're still expecting to schedule your set visit for mid-to-late February 2022, during our last two days on set. We're finalizing the exact timing now, but we'll contact you in the next week weeks to confirm your schedule for visiting set.

5. VIRTUAL SET VISITS: More set visit sessions coming in November and December!

For those backers whose rewards include access to our VIRTUAL SET VISITS, we're making final arrangements now for a set visit in November that will let you spend an hour watching our cast record the riffs and silhouette segments for an upcoming episode, as well as additional sessions in December, January and February. We'll let you know the date of the NOVEMBER VIRTUAL VISIT in next week's update, but you can expect it to take place during the week of November 15-19 – and, as always, if you can't join the set visit live, we'll make sure you're able to re-watch the full video afterward.

6. ONLINE CLASSES WITH JOEL: We're scheduling the livestream lectures and discussions!

For backers whose rewards include access to Joel's livestream classes about movie riffing, robot puppeteering, and designing inventions with magic, good news: we can now confirm that the INTRODUCTION TO MAGIC & INVENTIONS class will be live-streamed on SATURDAY, JANUARY 15, 2022. As of now, we're planning to hold the INTRODUCTION TO MOVIE RIFFING class in March 2022, and the INTRODUCTION TO ROBOT PUPPETEERING class in April 2022, so stay tuned for exact dates and times.

7. GIZMOPLEX UPDATES coming later this month!

Finally, for those of you waiting for news about the future of the GIZMOPLEX virtual theater and apps, good news: we've been working on them non-stop, and should have more specific we can share before the end of November... including details on how you can volunteer to participate in the first backer-exclusive beta test period! Keep an eye on this month's weekly updates for more news. 


The Turkey Day Tournament continues! This week, WARRIOR OF THE LOST WORLD fought off DADDY-O to advance, and MAGIC VOYAGE OF SINBAD won out over EEGAH to secure the first spot in this Turkey Day Marathon! (We’re going to keep voting to see who “wins,” though!)

Today’s battle features WARRIOR OF THE LOST WORLD attempting to fend off a new challenge by HERCULES AGAINST THE MOON MEN. Get your vote on here! 


Have you checked out the new official MST3K forums yet? Join up here, it’s a rager. Here are a few sample threads from the past week:


The TIME BUBBLE TOUR kicks off in York, PA TOMORROW! (Wow, that came up fast.) Rehearsals have been going great, and are continuing as we write this update, with the first public preview performance scheduled for TOMORROW NIGHT! The entire Alternaversal team is proud of this show, and of our terrific cast, and can't wait for you to join us for... MAKING CONTACT. 

Coming soon, to a theater near (many of) you!

We had a sudden flood of tour date announcements come through this week, so buckle up.

As always, you can see all the currently-announced dates and theaters on our tour website at


Each week, we’re introducing you to another member of the MST3K team. This week, it's...

Gary Glover, Production Designer & Artist

1. In a sentence or two, what do you do on MST3K? I’d say I’m really a “Jack of all Trades” (Master of some!) that would include: Illustrator, Visual Development, Production & Concept Design, Photoshop Jockey, Matte Painter and poster maker. I became involved visually with MST3K in the 90’s as I created T-Shirts, mouse pads, calendars, stationary and The Bot Building Booklet for Best Brains,Inc. I worked with Joel on posters for Cinematic Titanic and then got invited for Visual Development early in 2015 for what would become Season 11 of the Mystery Science Theater 3000 reboot. The past six years has been the icing on my work cake!

2. What do you love most about your job? I’m incredibly lucky to do what I do for the show! It’s an amazing process to work with all of the team of creatives and clever folks associated with MST3K. Getting to do so many posters over the years has been so much fun for me. Illustrating seasons 11 & 12, the last three live show posters, the hybrid B-movie poster series, and my involvement this season with the production is really a high point in my career.

3. Tell us a fun fact about you. My family and I have been mesmerized with MST3K since the early Comedy Central days, and I began sourcing parts and building bots. It was my bot building that got me hooked up with Joel. That was 20 plus years ago and they can’t get rid of me!

That's all for this week! As always, please join us on the forums in the dedicated forum link for this update, and share your questions and feedback. 

And have a spooky-good weekend, everyone!

Your Tricked-and-Treated Correspondents,

Lesley & Ivan