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Latest Updates from Our Project:

MST3K Weekly Update: January 17-21, 2022
8 months ago – Tue, Jan 25, 2022 at 05:39:14 AM

In This Update

  •  Production: Backers made inventions + planning livestream events
  •  Kickstarter News: Virtual set visit on Saturday + updated reward schedule
  •  Meet the Team: Tim Ryder, Writer & Director

Hail and Well Met, Friends!

It’s Monday afternoon, and Ivan and Lesley are back with your belated weekly update for last week, full of the latest news from behind-the-scenes. This update is late enough, so let's not waste another minute: here's what we've been up to!


  •  PREPPING FOR FINAL SHOOT: A lot of the team remains focused on preparing for our final filming block in Philadelphia, which is now just a few weeks away. Joel and Matt have done a final review and locked the remaining scripts, which means all writing for Season 13 is officially complete! Meanwhile, our producers have returned from their brief hiatus, and are now working through all of the logistics, budgets and other arrangements needed to ensure a smooth shoot. And, in a workshop near the Alternaversal offices, our friends at Monkey Boys are finishing up fabrication on the remaining props and models that we'll need on set for these last three episodes.
  •  BACKERS GOT INVENTIVE: Last weekend, Joel also hosted a livestream workshop with a small group of backers whose Kickstarter rewards included the chance to help him develop a few new inventions that will appear on screen during Season 13. (This is different than the "Intro to Inventions & Magic" livestream class reward, which will take place later this spring when we're finished with production on the new episodes.) After several hours of productive brainstorming and discussion, the group came up with some great concepts, which Mike Norton (our lead concept artist) illustrated in real-time, and which have now been delivered to Monkey Boys to fabricate in time for our final shoot.
  •  PLANNING GIZMOPLEX LIVE EVENTS: As you might recall, one of the stretch goals we reached during the Kickstarter campaign promised that – in addition to our livestream episode premieres – we'd also organize an additional live Gizmoplex event each month for an entire year. Now that the new episodes are (mostly) under control, the Alternaversal team has also been spending a lot of time planning how those "bonus events" will work, and brainstorming ways to make them special. We're pretty excited about what we've got planned. In February, we'll share a little bit more about our plans for live Gizmoplex events, so that you know what to expect once the new season begins!


1. VIRTUAL SET VISITS resume THIS SATURDAY, JAN 29, at 1pm PT / 4pm ET.

As announced last week, our VIRTUAL SET VISIT reward will resume this coming Saturday, January 29, at 1pm PT / 4pm ET, and will focus on FILMING & DIRECTING MST3K. We'll be showing you over an hour of unedited footage captured on set, across multiple shooting days, and then we'll have a LIVE CONVERSATION and Q&A with our Season 13 co-directors Jonah Ray, Tim Ryder, and Matt McGinnis.

Starting tomorrow, all backers whose rewards include the Virtual Set Visit sessions will get an email from BackerKit confirming that you have access to two new "digital rewards":

  •  Virtual Set Visits: Replay Access will give you a new digital code to redeem on VHX, which will give you access to rewatch all of the previous set visit livestreams.
  •  Virtual Set Visits: Livestream Access will provide instructions and a URL for viewing and participating in all the remaining livestream sessions, starting this weekend.

2. Most of your PHYSICAL REWARDS will (hopefully) ship in APRIL 2022.

As we've explained in several past updates, we've made a lot of progress on manufacturing most of the physical rewards for this Kickstarter, and have been carefully monitoring how COVID might impact our schedule for receiving and shipping out all of your pledge rewards.

Right now – among other logistical tasks – our partners are in the process of acquiring over 25,000 blank t-shirts and hoodies, in all of the sizes and colors you've ordered, so that our apparel vendor can finish printing them. We're also working with a team in Canada to finalize the Challenge Coin rewards, which we've just learned will be delayed a few extra weeks as work in China grinds to a halt in observation of the Chinese New Year. That said…

Right now, we estimate that all of the rewards should reach our warehouse by the end of March, which means that we'd be able to start shipping them out in early-to-mid April.

But, as always, this estimate may change until we've received all of the rewards from our manufacturers. We'll keep you updated on the exact timing, but if you ever want to check for yourself, we've also posted an estimated schedule for all rewards.


Where is the MST3K Live TIME BUBBLE TOUR headed this week? We’re so glad you asked.

  • 1/22 - Kansas City, MO - Muriel Kauffman Theatre - BUY TICKETS 
  • 1/24 - Knoxville, TN - Tennessee Theatre - BUY TICKETS 
  • 1/25 - Atlanta, GA - Coca Cola Roxy - BUY TICKETS 
  • 1/26 - Jacksonville, FL - Florida Theatre - BUY TICKETS 
  • 1/27 - Orlando, Florida - The Plaza Live - BUY TICKETS 

As always, you can see all of the upcoming tour dates and available tickets on


It may be cold outside, but our forums are warm and toasty with the welcoming embrace of MST3K community. Join up here. Here are a few threads from the past week:


Each week, we’re introducing you to another member of the MST3K team. This week, it's...

Tim Ryder, Writer & Director

1. In a sentence or two, what do you do on MST3K? Oh boy! I've done a bunch of stuff since the first Kickstarter. For Seasons 11 and 12, I was a writer and Bonehead. Then I voiced and puppeteered Tom Servo on the first two MST3K Live Tours. Currently, I'm a lead writer and director of the Time Bubble Tour and some of the upcoming Season 13 episodes.

2. What do you love most about your job? I get to hang out with the funniest people on the planet and make jokes about cheesy movies. I also get to use the comedic vocabulary built up from years of watching MST3K to literally make more MST3K, a fact that still blows my mind.

3. Tell us a fun fact about you. I played alto saxophone in high school and when I was a senior, our jazz combo won the Illinois State Fair Talent Show with a stunning rendition of "Jump, Jive and Wail." What can I say, it was the summer of 2001 and the Swing Revival had just made its way to the Midwest. It was a heady time.

4. Do you have some other favorite projects you’ve worked on, if people want to see more of your work and support you? Please follow me on Instagram at @RedRyderBBGun for the longest-running, dumbest bit I've ever committed to. I also just got 100% on Metroid Dread! That was a pretty cool project.

Follow Tim @RedRyderBBGun on Insta and @timryder on Twitter.

And that’s all we’ve got for last week. As always, join us on the dedicated forum thread with your questions and feedback, and have a splendiferous week, everyone!

Your correspondents,

Lesley & Ivan

MST3K Weekly Update: January 10-14, 2022
9 months ago – Sun, Jan 16, 2022 at 12:25:36 AM

In This Update

  •  Production News: Preparing for February shoot + locking final scripts!
  •  Kickstarter News: RiffTrax Rewards, Virtual Set Visits resume, invention class postponed + more!
  •  First Look: 3D Glasses have been printed!
  •  Gizmoplex News: Beta testing continues + apps are almost developed!
  •  Meet the Team: Dylan Pecora, Lead Fabricator 


Helloooooo Backers, and welcome to your first #MakeMoreMST3K update for 2022! It’s been a minute, and all of us here at MST3K hope you’ve had a restorative holiday break and are looking to the new year with optimism. 

As usual, Lesley and Ivan here with the latest news from behind-the-scenes. Here’s what we’ve been up to for the past week.


  •  PREPPING FOR FINAL SHOOT: In early February, we'll head back to the studio in Philadelphia for two final weeks of filming on Joel's episodes, as well as Season 13's big triple-hosted "Holiday Finale." So, even though a lot of our production team is still on hiatus until the end of the month, the Alternaversal team have been hard at work doing final review and edits on our final shooting scripts, and overseeing the fabrication of the props and costumes we'll need. We're also keeping tabs on the current spikes in COVID transmission, so that we can take all necessary precautions to keep our cast, crew, and guests safe on set.
  •  PLANNING BONUS CONTENT: Over the past week, we've also convened a small writers' room to work on some additional bonus content we've got planned for Gizmoplex members. We don't want to give too much away just yet, but you'll get a better idea of what we're working on in just under two months, when the new season premieres!


With production mostly on hiatus since mid-December, Ivan has been able to devote more time than usual to Kickstarter rewards and fulfillment, so we've got some progress to share!

1. VIRTUAL SET VISITS resume on SATURDAY, JAN 29, at 1pm PT / 4pm ET!

If your rewards include access to our VIRTUAL SET VISIT – that's all backers at Experiment 400 and above, as well as anyone who selected the "Virtual Set Visit" add-on reward – we're pleased to confirm that our next livestream is scheduled for Saturday, January 29.

(As we explained in a December update, we've decided to hold some of the virtual set visits on weekends, so that more backers will have the option to watch live, and to participate in the Q&A session.)

Our next session will be focused on SHOOTING MST3K, and will feature about an hour of unedited "live feed" footage that was recorded during a few different shooting dates, so that you'll be able to see more of our cast behind-the-scenes. Then, we'll host a LIVE CONVERSATION with Season 13 co-directors JONAH RAY, TIM RYDER and MATT McGINNIS, who will take questions about shooting (and directing) new episodes of MST3K.

And, just as a reminder: if you can't make it to one of these sessions, don't worry! Backers whose rewards include virtual set visit access still be able to watch the entire stream again for at least a month, and you'll always be able to find links to access the sessions in the "Digital Rewards" section of your BackerKit profile.

(Not sure how to find your digital rewards? Read this.)

2. RIFFTRAX BONUS REWARDS will be available this afternoon!

Near the end of our Kickstarter campaign last spring, our friends at RiffTrax stepped in and offered some bonus rewards for all backers who pledged for Experiment 35 and above:

Well, just in time for the long weekend – at least here in the United States – we're pleased to announce that your RiffTrax reward codes will be distributed starting today!

If your rewards include one or more RIFFTRAX BONUS REWARDS, you'll get an email from BackerKit in the next 24 hours. Follow the link in the email, and you'll find your personal digital bonus codes, and instructions on how to redeem them!

3. INTRO TO INVENTIONS CLASS postponed until production ends.

In a previous update, we announced that the INTRODUCTION TO MAGIC & INVENTIONS livestream class reward with Joel would be held tomorrow (Saturday, January 15).

However, at Joel's request, we have decided to postpone this livestream event until after production is complete, so that Joel can devote more attention to preparing his lecture and presentation. As of now, we plan to reschedule this reward for March or April. 

All backers whose rewards include access to the class will receive further details via email. However, backers who are participating in the GET INVENTIVE WITH JOEL workshop will still be meeting tomorrow to help Joel come up with a few new inventions, so that we'll have time to fabricate them and include them in the final episode(s) we shoot in February.

4. HOLIDAY CARDS have all been sent out!

As promised in December, the MST3K HOLIDAY CARD reward has been mailed out to all backers who were supposed to receive one (unless you haven't completed your BackerKit survey). If you were expecting a holiday card and it hasn't come yet, read this. And if you have received a holiday card, we'd still love to see photos of you with your card… so, feel free to post those online, and be sure to tag them with @MST3K and #Season13Greetings so we'll see them!

5. Our KINGAVISION 3D GLASSES are hot off the printing press!

For those of you who are receiving KINGAVISION 3D GLASSES, we're thrilled to share a few photos from our printing partner, showing the first completed batches of glasses:

We're pretty excited with how they're looking, and can't wait to get them out to you… but if your rewards didn't include a pair of KINGAVISION 3D GLASSES, or you'd like to add extras for family, friends and pets*, you can still grab them here.

* Please note that red-blue 3D glasses are unlikely to work for dogs.

6. REWARD SURVEYS: 3200 unanswered surveys remaining.

Finally, this is your weekly reminder: if you haven’t filled out your BackerKit reward survey yet, we’re now more than four months past the deadline, and need your answers ASAP in order to make sure we'll be able to make your rewards.

And, even if your rewards are all digital, BackerKit won't send them out until you finish filling out your survey… so if you want to start watching your classic digital episode rewards, or RiffTrax Bonus Rewards, finish your survey NOW!

If you haven’t finished (or received) your BackerKit reward survey yet, please follow these instructions to get it re-sent, and then submit it ASAP.


Next week, we'll have more Kickstarter reward updates to share, including an updated timeline of when you can expect your rewards! 


UPDATE ON BETA TESTING: If you signed up to volunteer for our Gizmoplex Beta Test, please be patient! Our next round of invites to join the beta test group will be sent out before the end of January. Also, please note that the current beta test is just for the Gizmoplex "virtual theater" website, and not for the various apps that we'll be launching.

UPDATE ON OTT APPS: Speaking of which, we're pleased to report that development on our iOS, Android, AppleTV, GoogleTV, Amazon FireTV and Roku apps is almost complete, and our partners at VHX will be submitting them to the various platforms for approval in the next few weeks. As long as approvals don't get held up, our goal is to have all of the apps launched and available to use in time for our Season 13 Premiere on March 4, so that you'll be able to watch the livestream on the device of your choice. We'll share more news about the apps, and how to get them, before the end of February!


The TIME BUBBLE TOUR swings down to Texas for a series of dates this week. Yeehaw!

  • 1/15 - Dallas, TX - Winspear Opera House - BUY TICKETS 
  • 1/16 - Austin, TX - Paramount Theatre - BUY TICKETS 
  • 1/18 - San Antonio, TX - Tobin Center for the Performing Arts - BUY TICKETS 
  • 1/19 - Houston, TX - Cullen Theater - BUY TICKETS 
  • 1/22 - Kansas City, MO - Muriel Kauffman Theatre - BUY TICKETS 

As always, you can see all of the upcoming tour dates and available tickets on


We may have taken a couple weeks off from updates, but the forums are lit 24/7! You can join up here. Here are a few threads from the past couple weeks to entice you:


Each week, we’re introducing you to another member of the MST3K team. This week, it's...

Dylan Pecora, Lead Fabricator

1. In a sentence or two, what do you do on MST3K? I’m leading the puppet/prop fabrication team for Monkey Boys Productions.

2. What do you love most about your job? It gives me one easy thing to say to strangers at weddings or parties without having to really engage with anyone on a meaningful level.

3. Tell us a fun fact about you. No one heeds my warnings, but someday you will.

4. Do you have some other favorite projects you’ve worked on, if people want to see more of your work and support you? Directed the new Merzbow + Hyrrokkin video for “Spatially Raised, From Seed To Volatility.”  I’m happy with that one. Also working on a card game called Doll Scanner that’s supposed to be out sometime in 2022.

To learn more about Dylan, follow him on Instagram (@dylan_pecora) or visit his website ( 

And that’s all we’ve got for this week.

As always, join us on the dedicated forum thread with your questions and feedback.

Have a cozy weekend, everyone!

Your correspondents,

Lesley & Ivan

MST3K Weekly Update: December 13-22, 2021
9 months ago – Fri, Dec 24, 2021 at 05:07:02 PM

In This Update

  •  Production: LA Filming Wraps! Cast photo shoot! LA "load-out"!
  •  Kickstarter News: Holiday cards + digital episode downloads arrive!
  •  Gizmoplex News: Volunteer sign-up for beta testing begins!
  •  Meet the Team: Ross Bryant, Writer!

Season’s Greetings!

It’s Wednesday, December 22nd: do you know where your raisin snail is? Lesley and Ivan here,  with the latest news from behind the scenes at MST3K. Also, we know this update is a few days later than usual, but that's because we held off on sending it until we could include this announcement:

This afternoon, we'll start emailing the first DIGITAL EPISODE REWARDS through BackerKit, so that you can redeem and watch classic MST3K episodes over the holidays! 

More on that in the Kickstarter section below, but now let's get down to business with a complete roundup of what we've been doing for the past 1.5 weeks. 


LA FILMING IS WRAPPED: Last Monday, we wrapped up our final day of shooting in Los Angeles with a shoot focused on getting all of the remaining scenes we needed with Patton and Felicia, since they aren't available during our final shooting block in February. That means we need to have all of their scenes for the season shot… and now, we do!

Patton and Felicia spreading some seasonal cheer. (Or fear.)
Rebecca getting transformed into Synthia Forrester.
A few props from our final day of shooting for y’all to puzzle over. No hints.
Synthia attends to Kinga. As usual. We have no idea what they were looking at.
Pearl and her original clone. The resemblance is uncanny.

LA PROMOTIONAL PHOTO SHOOT: In addition to finishing up the LA filming, we also brought in the whole LA-based gang for a promotional photo shoot, to get official "Season 13 portraits" taken by a professional photographer. Those shots will end up being used later for everything from press releases to cover art for the Season 13 box set, so we need to make sure we've got great, high-resolution options to work from. (Believe it or not, the prosumer smartphone shots we feature in those updates aren't sufficient for all of the show's needs!)

Jonah’s almost ready for his closeup; Our lunch area got converted into a photo studio.

LOS ANGELES "LOAD OUT": Even though we wrapped filming in LA on Monday, a lot of our crew were back bright and early on Tuesday for "load-out", which is the process of breaking down and packing up all of the equipment, sets, props, and costumes that we needed for production, so that another production can "load in" the next day and start using the same space. While this process is a little bit simpler when we're using a green screen instead of massive physical sets that need to be disassembled, there's still a lot to be done.

Working with Matt McGinnis, Anuardi Cantre (our LA prop master), and Caitlyn Carradine (our LA costume designer), we evaluated all of the props and costumes on set, deciding what needed to get shipped back to Alternaversal in Pennsylvania, what should be moved into storage in Los Angeles, and what could get thrown out.

These are some of the props that we sorted through. You'll see most of them on-screen next year.
Matt and Caitlyn sort through costumes; you never know what you'll find in a wardrobe department.
We also sorted through a lot of costumes from Seasons 11 + 12 that have been in storage.
A rare glimpse of the mythical storage unit where most of our props, costumes + models live between seasons.

We also set aside a lot of the more interesting "one-time" items – props and costumes that were so specific to a single scene that we're unlikely to need them again. We're still figuring out our exact plans for those items, but we're hoping to make some of them available as auction items for future fundraising, or as give-away prizes during next year's live Gizmoplex events. Stay tuned for more on that!


1. REWARD SURVEYS: 3400 unanswered surveys remaining. This is your weekly reminder: if you haven’t filled out your BackerKit reward survey yet, we’re now more than three months past the deadline, and need your answers ASAP in order to include your rewards in our main wave of reward shipments early next year.And, even if all of your rewards are digital, we still aren't able to send them along until your survey is complete and locked – so if you want to start watching your digital episode rewards now, be sure to finish and submit your survey post-haste. 

If you haven’t finished (or received) your BackerKit reward survey yet, please follow these instructions to get it re-sent, and then submit it ASAP.

And if you have submitted your survey, don't worry: we're not delaying manufacturing or reward shipments while we wait, so the unanswered surveys won't affect your rewards! We promise.

2. HOLIDAY CARDS should arrive starting this week! While we don't want to ruin the surprise by sharing the design, we're pleased to confirm that our first "physical reward" – the MST3K HOLIDAY CARD – went into the mail on schedule!

We've blurred a lot of this photo so that you can't make out the illustration, but imagine a warehouse with 20+ boxes like this, holding over 30,000 cards: 

They're less blurry in person, we swear.

So, if your rewards included a card – and if the USPS doesn't collapse under the weight of holiday shipments – it should reach your mailbox over the next week or two!

Please note that we aren't able to provide individual tracking numbers for these, since they were sent via regular postal mail to keep the shipping costs manageable. If your card doesn't show up by late January, please follow these instructions for getting help.

And when your card does show up, feel free to post a selfie with your card – tag @MST3K on Twitter and Instagram, and include the hashtag #Season13Greetings so we'll be sure to see it!

3. DIGITAL EPISODE DOWNLOADS will be available this week! Finally, the news a lot of you have been waiting for: If your Kickstarter rewards included the #MakeMoreMST3K BACKER or DELUXE packs of classic episodes – or if you selected digital downloads of MST3K as add-on rewards, or holiday gifts for a loved one – the wait is almost over!

Starting this afternoon, we'll be distributing digital download codes through BackerKit, which will let you redeem and access your digital downloads through VHX!

First, here's when you can expect to receive your digital episode reward codes:

  •  CLASSIC EPISODE PACKS available this afternoon, 12/22. 
  •  SEASON 11 and SEASON 12 available Wednesday, 12/23. 
  •  ULTIMATE DIGITAL COLLECTION available Thursday, 12/24. 

This means that you will be able to deliver all of these digital episodes in time for Christmas, so if you still want to grab a last-minute gift – or if you still need a printable gift certificate for episodes you've already ordered – we've got you covered:

(Already grabbed a digital gift? Don't forget to print or send a free PDF holiday gift certificate!)

Here are a few important things you should know:

  •  If you're not sure how to redeem your DIGITAL REWARD CODES and access your digital MST3K episodes, here are some simple, step-by-step instructions.
  •  You'll get an email from BackerKit when your digital reward codes are ready. That email will include a link to access all of your available digital rewards on BackerKit. When you click that link, you'll find a unique link to claim your digital episodes.
  •  Your digital episodes will be added to your MST3K collection on VHX. For now, you'll be able to stream and download your classic episodes by logging into VHX, our video distribution partner. Once the Gizmoplex launches, you'll be able to access your personal collection of episodes there too.
  •  If you already have a VHX account, we suggest using it to claim your new rewards. That way, your entire MST3K collection will be available in a single account, instead of several different accounts. (Not sure if you have a VHX account? Check here.)
  •  We are not distributing the new Season 13 episodes yet. Even if we wanted to, we couldn't, since we haven't finished shooting and editing them! If your rewards include digital access to Season 13, we'll follow up with more instructions before the season premieres on March 4, 2022.


While we still have a few months left until March, when we'll premiere of the first episode of Season 13 – and the Gizmoplex! – we've been hard at work preparing for beta testing.

Over the next week, we'll invite a very small first group of beta testers to log in and start using a few major Gizmoplex features. Then, if nothing explodes or catches on fire, our plan is to expand the beta test throughout January and February, leading up to our public launch of the new website and apps at the beginning of March 2022 – just in time for the season premiere!

To volunteer as a beta tester for the Gizmoplex website, please fill out this form.

We can't promise that we'll be able to invite all volunteers to participate, but we'll do our best to keep you informed about what's going on, and to let you know if we're able to include you in the testing.


Looking for new friends? Want to share some holiday cheer (or dread) with a family of thousands of like-minded folks? You'll find all that and more on the official MST3K FORUMS, and you can join for free here

Here's a small sample of active topics from the past week:


Where is the TIME BUBBLE TOUR spending the holidays, you inquire? The next two weeks of upcoming dates are:

  •  Dec 22: Los Angeles, CA - The Theatre at Ace Hotel - BUY TICKETS 
  •  Dec 26: San Diego, CA - Balboa Theatre - BUY TICKETS 
  •  Dec 29: Mesa, AZ - Ikeda Theater - BUY TICKETS 
  •  Jan 2: Bellingham, WA - Mount Baker Theatre - BUY TICKETS 
  •  Jan 3: Eugene, OR - Hult Center - BUY TICKETS 

And as always, you can see all of the currently-announced dates and theaters on our tour website at


Each week, we’re introducing you to another member of the MST3K team. This week, it's...

Ross Bryant, Writer

1. In a sentence or two, what do you do on MST3K? I'm a writer for MST3K. Truly a dream come true.

2. What do you love most about your job? The fun, supportive and collaborative atmosphere of the MST3K writers' room is really special.  It's such a joy watching ideas and jokes bounce around from mind to mind getting funnier and funnier, even as you slog your way through a movie like {MOVIE NAME REDACTED TO AVOID SEASON 13 SPOILERS}.

3. Tell us a fun fact about you. For a period in the mid-2010s I ran an experimental music cassette label out of my apartment.

4. Do you have some other favorite projects you’ve worked on, if people want to see more of your work and support you? I'm also an actor and improviser.  I pop up on TV every now and then, and I perform in LA and around the country with The Improvised Shakespeare Company.  Look us up if we come to your town!

5. Any social media handles we can list, for people who want to follow / support you? Follow me on Instagram @rossbb if you wanna see lots of cartoons, and pictures of my corgi, Rarebit.

That’s all we’ve got for this week... and since many of you will now have digital episode downloads to satisfy your MST3K needs, we're now going to take the next few weeks off for a much-needed holiday break. 

So, while we'll do our best to keep up with Backer Support requests to, this will be our final weekly update for this year! We'll see you again when weekly updates resume in early January, as we prepare for our final block of shooting in Pennsylvania in February.

As always, join us in the dedicated Kickstarter section of the forums, where you'll find threads to discuss this update, ask questions, and find out about all sorts of other #MakeMoreMST3K-related topics. And no matter what you believe in, we hope you have yourself a merry little Patrick Swayze Christmas. See you in January, friends.

Your Most Secret of Santas,

Lesley & Ivan

MST3K Weekly Update: Dec 6 - Dec 10, 2021:
10 months ago – Tue, Dec 14, 2021 at 02:10:54 AM

In This Update

  •  Production: Shoots continue in LA and PA + what happens next?
  •  Kickstarter News: Holiday cards + shipping costs, virtual set visits, episode downloads
  •  Reward Preview: Sneak peek at the Kingavision 3D Glasses!
  •  Meet the Team: David Nonini, Transcriptionist

Bonjour, Mes Amis!

It’s the best part of your week (maybe): your weekly MST3K backer update! Ivan and Lesley here, back with the latest news and behind-the-scenes photos, plus answers to a lot of your questions about Kickstarter rewards, so there’s no time to waste: let’s get cracking!


  •  LA FILMING ALMOST COMPLETE: Things continue to move at a breakneck pace, but we’re pleased to report that Jonah, Baron, and Hampton have now completed recording the host segments for their episodes, along with all of our “sponsor advertisements” and a bunch of additional material that will appear in the Gizmoplex. We’ve also finished shooting all of the scenes featuring M. Waverly and Growler, and are nearly finished with all of the scenes involving Pearl Forrester and Dr. Erdhardt… and everyone is really happy with how things are turning out. 
Crow, Jonah and Tom rehearsing a scene.
Jonah gets touched up; Matt McGinnis checks a shot; the set during lunch.
When we’re shooting the Mads and other full-body shots, the desk joins the rest of our props “backstage”.
Growler and Waverly in their dressing rooms, waiting to be called to set.

And, because we know that some of you have a fascination with seeing our craft service table and knowing what snacks are available during production, this shoot was where we discovered that there’s a specific, awkwardly named pastry that no one enjoys:

This went on for two weeks. No one ever ate them.
  •  MODEL SHOOT COMPLETE: Over the past week, Joel and the Alternaversal Team also staged and completed all of the model shots needed for Season 13, including some ambitious new visuals set on the surface of the moon. We don’t want to spoil too much of what Joel’s got planned, but here are a few behind-the-scenes shots to give you a small idea of what you might see in the new episodes:
The “undressed” table used for most of the model shots.
A moonscape in perspective, with A/C controls on the wall behind.
Miniature supervisor Dylan Pecora “laying pipe” to transport Kingachrome.
Joel and Sharyl (Alternaversal COO) laughing in between setups.
  •  WHAT’S NEXT? Today (Monday), we’re shooting one final day of footage with Kinga, Max, and Pearl, and then we’ll be wrapped in Los Angeles for this season! At that point, we’ll release most of our cast and crew for a few weeks of well-deserved holiday break, and production will “go dark” until early February, when we’re scheduled for two more weeks of production back in Philadelphia. During January, some of our team will be focused on preparing some final props and costumes for the remaining episodes, while our post-production team starts reviewing and editing everything we’ve already shot.
  •  WHAT’S LEFT? During our final shoot in February, we’ll be focused on getting all of Joel’s episodes done, capturing some additional material for our first 3-D episode, and then finishing up with our most ambitious episode: the holiday special season finale, which will also be the first episode ever to feature three hosts riffing a single movie. 


1. REWARD SURVEYS: 3440 unanswered surveys remaining.

Once again: if you haven’t filled out your BackerKit reward survey yet, this is your weekly reminder that we’re almost three months past the deadline, and need your answers ASAP in order to include your rewards in our main wave of reward shipments early next year. If you haven’t finished (or received) your BackerKit reward survey yet, please follow these instructions to get it re-sent, and then submit it ASAP.

2. HOLIDAY CARDS: Going in the mail this week for 29,054 backers.

If your rewards include the MST3K HOLIDAY CARD, you should have received an email from BackerKit about 10 days ago, notifying you that we were about to “lock addresses to send your rewards,” which gave you a chance to update your mailing address if it was no longer accurate. Since we aren’t able to customize those emails, here are a few things you should know:

  •  The HOLIDAY CARDS are the only reward shipping out this year.  While the email seemed to suggest all of your rewards were shipping, this was just for the holiday card. Most of the other Kickstarter rewards are still being produced, and as of now, we’re expecting to ship them in mid-to-late February 2022.
  •  You’ll be able to update your SHIPPING ADDRESS before we send the other rewards. We know that some of you will move to different addresses before the next rewards go out. Don’t worry! Starting next week – as soon as all of the holiday cards are in the mail – you’ll be able to update your own shipping address again.
  •  Didn’t get to update your address before we sent the holiday card? Make sure you’ve requested mail forwarding (at least in the USA), so that the USPS can forward the holiday card along to your new address. If you don’t receive it by mid-to-late January, email our Support Team at to let us know.

And, as noted in the last update: If we didn’t receive your completed reward survey before we sent the cards off to the mailing house, you’ll still get your card! We’ll just include it with all of the other rewards shipping out early next year.

3. PAYING FOR SHIPPING: Starting this week, BackerKit will request credit card info.

As you might recall, we have not collected shipping costs for physical rewards yet. This is mostly because – due to COVID – shipping costs have been fluctuating a lot. So, to make sure we don’t over or undercharge you for shipping costs, we’ve been waiting until we’re almost ready to ship everything out to collect them.

That said, you may get emails from BackerKit starting this coming week, which will ask you to provide a credit card number that can be charged when we do collect your shipping costs for physical rewards.

We will notify you before any shipping costs are collected, but if you want to be sure to get your rewards shipped ASAP, you should follow the email instructions and provide a card in advance.

4. VIRTUAL SET VISITS will resume in January.

If your rewards include access to our VIRTUAL SET VISITS, you might be wondering about the plan for the additional sessions we promised. Our original plan was to livestream at least one virtual set visit per month in November and December, but – as you can tell – we haven’t been able to stick to that schedule, and we apologize for not updating you sooner with our plan.

We’ve also been thinking about how to solve two challenges with virtual set visits:

  • First, we’ve realized that broadcasting a livestream direct from set could end up being disruptive, both to the performers (who would feel more self-conscious and distracted), and to the studio (since it would take up a huge part of their internet connection).
  • Second, a lot of you have asked if we could move virtual set visits to weekends or evenings, since it’s hard to participate in livestreams during work hours. The challenge, of course, is that most of the production work happens during work hours.

To deal with both of these concerns – and to make sure you still get to see everything we wanted to share with you during these “virtual set visit” sessions  – we ended up deciding to record a feed from set “live to tape.” As a result, starting in January, we’ll be able to schedule the remaining virtual set visits outside of normal working hours.

For our next session, we’ll share an hour of footage recorded live on set during our riff shoots, then have some of our cast and crew join for a live Q&A session to talk about the process. We’re finalizing the schedule with our Q&A guests now, and should be able to share more details next week. In the meantime, we appreciate your patience and understanding.

5. Your CLASSIC MST3K DOWNLOADS are coming before Christmas!

With winter vacation approaching, we also know that some of you are itching to start downloading and watching your CLASSIC BONUS EPISODE rewards, which were included in most pledge packages at EXPERIMENT 150 and above, as well as through Add-On Rewards.

We’re just finishing up the last steps involved in preparing those episodes now, so you should be able to download them starting no later than December 22.

And, if you claimed digital downloads of SEASON 11 and/or SEASON 12 as Add-On Rewards, those should also be available starting at the same time.

The ULTIMATE MST3K DIGITAL COLLECTION – which includes over 120 classic episodes – might take a little bit longer, but we’ll do everything we can to make it available by December 25th, in case you’re planning to give it as a Christmas gift.

So, if you’re still in need of some last minute gift options, we’ve got you covered.

Grab any of these last-minute DIGITAL ADD-ONS right now, and we’ll have a PDF gift certificate available to download and print starting tomorrow:


Finally, just to give you one more thing to look forward to next year, we’ve got a preview of the finished design for the KINGAVISION 3D GLASSES:

As a reminder, these cutting-edge anaglyphic 3D GLASSES were added as a free bonus reward for all backers who pledged during the Kickstarter campaign – but if your pledge rewards didn’t include them, or you want to get extra pairs for friends and family, you still can!


Where is the MST3K Live TIME BUBBLE TOUR headed next week? We’re so glad you asked!

You can see all the currently-announced dates and theaters on our tour website at


Have you checked out the new official MST3K forums yet? Join up here if you’d like to check it out. Here are a few delicious threads from the past week:


Each week, we’re introducing you to another member of the MST3K team. This week, it's...

David Nonini, Transcriptionist

1. In a sentence or two, what do you do on MST3K? I work as a transcriptionist in the writer's room, where I compile and organize the riffs for the films.

2. What do you love most about your job? As a longtime fan of the show, it's been an awesome experience witnessing the creative process that goes into making the riffs for the show, and it has been fun working with the incredibly funny and talented writers that make it possible! I think the fans will be very happy with the upcoming season!

3. Tell us a fun fact about you. When I'm not working on MST3K, I am an amateur Titanic historian and an aspiring musician. You can follow me on Facebook!

That’s all for the week in review, friends! As always, please join us on the dedicated forum thread with your questions and feedback. And have a wonderful week to come!

Your correspondents,

Ivan & Lesley

MST3K Weekly Update: Nov 29 - Dec 3, 2021
10 months ago – Wed, Dec 08, 2021 at 01:50:15 PM

In This Update

  • Season 13 Lineup Revealed!
  • Season 13 premieres on MARCH 4, 2022!
  •  Meet the Team: Mike Norton, Production Designer

Ahoy mateys!

We’ve completed another week of season 13 production on our Los Angeles, and as things have been so wildly busy, Lesley here with a slightly briefer update than usual, with plans to return to our usual thoroughness later this week. Anchors aweigh!


We are thrilled with how many of you tuned in for our super-sized Turkey Day marathon. Besides watching eight classic episodes and sharing a slew of new host segments with Jonah, Emily, and the bots, we also announced all thirteen movies we’ll be riffing in the upcoming season of MST3K, premiering next year in the Gizmoplex.

In case you weren’t able to hang with us – or stay awake! – for the whole marathon, we’re sharing the whole list with you now. We realize not everyone can sit around and watch all day, so we’re also making the first twelve hours of the marathon available on YouTube for your convenient viewing pleasure. (YouTube only archives the first twelve hours of a livestream, unfortunately.) 

And because some of you asked for it, we’ve also uploaded a supercut of just the new host segments for this year’s marathon.

And now, the film lineup for Season 13:

  • Santo in the Treasure of Dracula
  • Robot Wars
  • Beyond Atlantis
  • Munchie
  • Dr. Mordrid
  • Demon Squad
  • Gamera vs. Jiger
  • Batwoman
  • The Million Eyes of Sumuru
  • The Shape of Things to Come
  • The Mask 3D
  • The Bubble
  • The Christmas Dragon

You can check out teasers for all of these movies here. And, if you didn't stick around until the very end, you might have missed one more big announcement:

Season 13 will premiere on March 4, 2022!

We hope you’re as excited as we are! Come let us know in the epic Turkey Day Open Thread on the forums.


Have you checked out the new official MST3K forums yet? Join up here if you’d like to check it out. Here are a few thought-provoking threads from the past week:


The Time Bubble Tour continues to wind its merry way across the country! Here’s where Emily and the gang will be next week:

Also, a reminder that the tour is coming to Los Angeles to play at The Theater at the Ace Hotel on December 22, and tickets are still available!

You can see all the currently-announced dates and theaters on our tour website at


Each week, we’re introducing you to another member of the MST3K team. This week, it's...

Mike Norton, Production Designer

1. In a sentence or two, what do you do on MST3K? I think I'm a production designer? I don’t know, I draw and design silly things for people to make and laugh at!

2. What do you love most about your job? I’ve been watching MST3K since I was in junior high school, and have developed a severe love for only the most cheesy of films. Making stuff for the show is honestly a dream come true. Everybody is pretty nice too!

3. Tell us a fun fact about you. My high school art teacher once stabbed me in the chest with an x-acto knife. I don't think he meant to, so I didn't let it deter me from becoming a comic book artist as a career!

That’s all for last week, friends -- and as soon as we survive the rest of this week's production gauntlet, we'll be back to update you on production, Kickstarter reward progress, holiday cards, the timing for distributing your "classic bonus episode" rewards, the plan for more Virtual Set Visits, and more!

In the meantime – as always, join us on the dedicated forum thread for this update to share your questions and feedback.

Your correspondents,

Lesley & Ivan